6 August 2019

What a long, strange trip ...

This blog is now in its tenth year, started back in February 2007 by Sotise, our correspondent from down under. Bundles of people have contributed over the years, some gone, others holding on and yet others joining and putting their distinctive mark on the contents and direction of the blog. Currently we have about half a dozen active posters and some very generous followers, judging from inputs to our contributions section, but we're always willing to recruit more. Potential authors can get in touch with us c/o our Blogger email addresses. We've had contributors from three continents, with a preponderance of Europeans overall.

The emphasis has been on the free/improv/experimental side of jazz, but with excursions into contemporary and classical music, from Europe and beyond. There are no rules, however; the blog is whatever the posters make of it, and we'd like to keep it that way. We focus on posting out of print material with the objective of drawing attention to music which otherwise might have remained out of sight and out of mind. Due to spam and some past experiences of personal attacks, we 've had to institute a moderator system, so comments may not appear right away, but they will be published.

With these few words, heading on ...

5 August 2019


Anything our readers and followers would like to contribute goes here. That may include recommendations, reviews, recordings, you name it.

The earlier contributions thread was unfortunately deleted, but we have managed to recover about three years of the last five years of posts. The recovered posts have now been moved to separate posts in the new thread. All links to files are working at the time of writing. If there is anybody out there who has found that their contributions are missing, feel free to repost them or if anybody has downloaded files when they were still available, the same thing applies.  Of course, we welcome any new contributions from our followers, anything that we and you should know about.

4 August 2019


Requests, broken links, re-ups and related topics go here. It may be easier for admins to be attentive to these topics if they are put here and not under the individual posts. There's no guarantee that we may be able to respond to everything, but we'll give it a try.

I've deleted the previous 'Requests' post as it was becoming a bit unwieldy.
I shall start the requests with the last one from the previous thread.

3 August 2019

Free form

Anything else goes here. Observations on the general state of the universe and its overall direction are particularly welcome, but also on more mundane matters as you may see fit.

1 August 2019


Hi , Heres a new section , which will feature links to the Original posts of things that are just being, or have recently been re uploaded..
the Contributions and request sections are too cluttered , making it difficult to keep track!
comments will be disabled for this section!

Please help us out, if you see comments asking for a re-upload, and you have the files!!
(preferably use only file hosts accessible to free users,do not use these files to make money!)
Please do not ask us to re upload records which are generally available, or have been recently reissued, whatever the format!!

Surely it goes without saying that all views expressed on this Blog , be they impressions  delusions
reveries, political statements, opinions are ours and ours alone , Music stimulates the imagination, so switch off y'r TV,listen ... make up your own minds.

So here goes, Ill start with a few I have recently re uploaded

Update May 11, 2017 -
We've shortened the list (again) for users' convenience:

Nébu - Nébu
Licorice Factory - self-titled
Vesala/Sermilä/Hauta-Aho/Honkanen/Helasvuo - Ode To Marilyn
Globe Unity Orchestra & London Jazz Composers Orchestra - Köln 1989
Vinko Globokar -  Echanges / Res/As/Ex/Ins-Pirer / Discours IV
Manfred Schoof Quintet - Suite
Bernd Alois Zimmermann - Die Befristeten, Improvisations & Tratto - Wergo 1969
Polly Bradfield - Solo Violin Improvisations
Keshavan Maslak - Humanplexity
Frank Wright Quartet - Live In New York City Summer 1973
Bob Reid - Best Of Emergency
Frank Wright & Andrew Cyrille - Live Soundscape NYC 1981
Francois Couturier, Andre Jaume, Fred Ramamonjiarisoa - Nadia Salana Resaka
Michel Pilz - Celeste & Jamabiko
Stockhausen - Aus den sieben Tagen
TTT featuring A.R. Penck - 3 x 2 = xxxxx
Charles Tyler Quartet - Definite Vol. 1
Philippe Maté and Jef Gilson - Workshop
James Newton Trio/Quartet - Binu
Bob Degen Trio - Celebrations
Charles Tyler Quartet - Definite Vol. 2
TTT featuring A.R.Penck - Catch the Dollar
Charles Tyler Ensemble - Voyage from Jericho 
Ian Brighton-Colin Wood-Frank Perry-Radu Malfatti-Phil Wachsmann - Balance
Frances-Marie Uitti - The Second Bow
Michael Smith - La Musique Blanche
Kent Carter - It Will Come
Key - Key
Anthony Davis and Douglas Ewart - live in Verona '79
Michael Smith - Reflection On Progress
Sei Miguel - Portuguese Man Of War
Ivo Perelman - William Parker - Rashied Ali - Live
Kazutoki Umezu - Shin Myong
Michael Smith - Geomusic
Michael Smith - Totality
Karl Berger/Woodstock Workshop Orchestra - Live At The Donaueschingen Music Festival
Frank Wright - live in Ulm 1990
TTT - Be cool in Munich
Barry Wallenstein - Taking Off
Company - Trios
TTT - Isle In The Ocean
St-Jak - Oeuvralgique
Amalgam - Play Blackwell & Higgins
Dudu Pukwana and Zila - Live in Bracknell & Willisau
Schiano/Mazzon/Schiaffini/Geremia/Tommaso/Rusconi – The Unrepentant Ones (link still active!)
Karl Berger Total Music Ensemble (1968)
Arthur Blythe - The Grip & Metamorphosis
Michael J. Smith - Elvira Madigan...And Other Dances
More TTT - Live Konzert Basel 
Carman Moore (feat. Sam Rivers) - Five Movements for a Fashionable Five-Toed Dragon
Joseph Jarman - Sunbound
SME - Karyobin
NDR Jazzworkshop No.65 - Howard Riley & Tony Oxley - Convolution
Steve Lacy Sextet - The Wire
Billy Harper Quintet - Live in Rome '81
Peter Kowald - Gianluigi Tovesi - A.R. Penck - Free Jazz - Konzert in der Kunsthalle, Bern
TTT - Aspects of The NY NY NY Situation
Eugene Chadbourne & Polly Bradfield - Torture Time!
Okay Temiz & Johnny Dyani - Witchdoctor's Son
Neighbours with Anthony Braxton
Itaru Oki - Shirasagi
Itaru Oki Trio - Trumpet In Modern Jazz
Phil Wachsmann - Writing In Water
Ali Haurand - Solo Bass
Tony Oxley Quintet - London 1981
Helen Merrill - Sposin'
Derek Bailey + Evan Parker - Compatibles
Yuji Takahashi - Real Time 2
Yuji Takahashi - Real Time 3
Franz Koglmann with Steve Lacy -  Flaps
Burton Greene - Zephyr
François Tusques / Serge Utgé-Royo ‎– Ça Branle Dans la Manche
David Rosenboom - On Being Invisible
Rex Stewart and his Dixielanders feat. Herbie Nichols
Luther Thomas - 11th Street Fire Suite
MUJICIAN TRIO - Live in Bristol. 1992. Part2
MUJICIAN TRIO - Rare Music Club 14 Aug 1992
MUJICIAN - 100 Club, 1991
TONY LEVIN TRIO  - Leicester,1991
BERND ALOIS ZIMMERMANN - Requiem für einen jungen Dichter (Lingual 1967-1969)
PAUL DUNMALL - 60th Birthday Gig
ELTON DEAN'S 50th Birthday Gig
ELTON DEAN SEXTET feat Roswell Rudd - set1 Vortex
Didier Levallet Octet - Scoop
Günter Christmann - Solomusiken für Posaune und Kontrabass
Christmann - Schönenberg + Bojé - Köln 1976
Andrew Hill Trio feat. Sunny Murray - Paris 1999
Manfred Schoof Quintet/Sextet - Köln & Montreux 1967/68
Leo Cuypers - Theatre Music
Leo Cuypers - In Amsterdam / Live In Shaffy
Leo Cuypers - Brull Band
Leo Cuypers - Corners
Ron Pittner - Ivory Mirror And The Ivory Dot
Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1967 and more
CCMC - 1 and 2 and 3
Keith Tippett - The Unlonely Raindancer
Aalan Praskin - Encounter
Hirokazu Yamada - Kozan
Evan Parker Trio - Karlsruhe 2004
Parker - Fernández - Guy - Lytton - Vancouver 2008
Evan Parker Trio - Aubervilliers 2005
Baden Baden New Jazz Meeting 1973
Parker, Guy, Takeda, Onnyk - To Whom It May Concern
Evan Parker & Barry Guy - Tai Kyoku
Paul Dunmall Octet - Desire & Liberation Live in Birmingham 1997
Albert Mangelsdorff - Hot Hut
Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf - 20 Anniversary Album
Hans Kennel - Audience
Urs Blöchlinger / Thomas Dürst - Il Faut Boire
Urs Blöchlinger - Cinema Invisible
Ron Pittner - Out From The Edge
David Murray Quartet - Bristol 1992
Steve Lacy Trio - Stalks
Jean-Louis Méchali - Cine Club
Jean-Louis Méchali - Tie Brake - 2nd Set
Mico Missiom Trio - Glucose Confectionnerie
Steve Potts - Musique Pour Le Film D'un Ami
Robert Wood - Tarot
Masahiko Togashi - Scene
Michel Portal Unit - Live in Lovere '79
Leroy Jenkins Trio - Live in Florence '79
Karoru Abe / Sabu Toyozumi - Live at Gaya
Free Music Trio - Live in Moers '79
Takehiro Honda & Gerd Dudek - Flying To The Sky
The Thing plus Otomo Yoshihide and Akira Sakata - live at Super Deluxe Tokyo, 2009
Maarten Altena Octet - Tel
Horace Tapscott - Petrillo Music Shell, Grant Park, Cicago, IL
Mal Waldron - Tokyo Reverie
Steve Lacy Sextet - The Wire
Le Quatuor De Jazz Libre Du Québec
Elton Dean - Duos
Paul Rutherford's Iskrastra - Autumn Initiatives
Hamiet Bluiett - Bars
Herbert Joos - Still Life
Luigi Cinque - Note Di Atemporalità
Schiaffini - Iannaccone - Memo From
Steve Lacy & Kent Carter - Catch
Raymond Boni + Claude Bernard - Pot-Pourri Pour Parce Que
Herbert Joos - The Philosophy Of The Fluegelhorn
Mal Waldron - Terumasa Hino - Reminicent Suite
German All Stars   In Japan - Out Of Each
The German All Stars - In Südamerika
UNI TRIO - rehearsal extract 1968
Khan Jamal - Give The Vibes Some
European Jazz Quintet - Manchester 1992
Bobby Watson's Tailor Made Big Band - Glasgow 1994
David Bond Trio - Odyssey
Vigh - Szelevényi - Márkos - Mezei - Formaciok
Douglas R. Ewart & Inventions Clarinet Choir - Red Hills
Muñoz - Rendezvous With Now
Anthony Braxton/George Lewis Duo - Elements Of Surprise
Alexander von Schlippenbach Quintet - Frankfurt, 1972
Archie Shepp - Pitchin' Can
Tony Oxley's Celebration Orchestra - Tomorrow Is Here
Lol Coxhill - Toverbal Sweet
Company - Fables
Company - Fictions
Interjazz 4 ‎– Starý Dobrý Cirkus - Good Old Circus
Tristan Honsinger & Güter Christmann - Live in Moers '79
Isao Suzuki - Approach
Globe Unity Orchestra - Imola '78
Now Creative Arts Jazz Ensemble - Now
Leo Cuypers - Nachtrit

21 March 2018

Ganelin, Čekasin, Tarasov - Poi Segue 1981

It’s impossible to talk about Russian jazz without talking about those three guys… Even if none of them were Russians, they were from Lithuania.
Most of their recordings have been published by « Leo  records » but few of them appeared on the government label « Melodia ».

-Vladimir Tarasov: percussions, drums, flute
-Vyacheslav Ganelin: piano, keyboards, bugle, flute
-Vladimir Čekasin: saxophone, trombone, flute, percussions, violin

1/ Poi Segue part one, 2/ Poi Segue part two

Recorded in 1981 in Vilnius

Several lp editions have been published by Melodia in the U.S.S.R and also one American edition on the independent label « East Wind ». The Lithuanian label « Sonore Records » have reissued it on cd in 1995 
cd rip sn016

16 March 2018

Anatoly Vapirov - Invocation

The second step of our journey to the east will allow us to discover a record that should have been a classic, it's also the first time we talk about this musician here.
Anatoly Vapirov has an important discography that includes many excellent records, unfortunately they are almost all self-produced and practically not distributed. This is unfortunate because this musician is in my opinion one of the most interesting actual saxophonist.

A/ Invocation Of Spirit, B1/ Invocation Of Fire, B2/ Invocation Of Water.

-Ivars Galenieks: bass on side a
-Vladimir Volkov: bass on side b
-Valentina Ponomareva: vocal on side a
-Sergey Kuryokhin: piano & percussions on side a, piano prepared on side b
-Alexander Alexandrov: bassoon on side b
-Anatoly Vapirov: reeds 

Side A recorded October 1983 in Novosibirsk 
Side B recorded end of 1981 in Leningrad.

cd rip from cdr reissued by Anatoly Vapirov himself on his own label ava.
cdr ava 0017
Originally published by leo Records lr 121 in 1984

11 March 2018


We got this vinyl-rip several month ago in the contributions section.
I do not find the comment with the link anymore. So my apologies to the generous contributor.
But thanks to corvimax I know now: it is Sven. Thank you Sven for this really special music!!

The LP wasn't in a NM condition - so I've removed many louder clicks 'n' pops during the last three month.

The music has a decidedly 1970s feel. But IMO it's really an independent statement. Not Rock, not Jazz and not Contemporary Classic either.  Somehow I remembered a famous advertisement from  ~1968 (here)  after listening again to the 'Circle of dreams'.

Klaus Cornell, composer, conductor

Volker Kriegel, guitar
Eberhard Weber, bass
Peter Giger, drums

Open Music Group:
Anna-Marie Sommer, flute
Hanspeter Zehnder, trombone
Urs Frauchiger, cello
Willy Bischof, keyboards
Urs Herdi, percussion
Hanspeter Völkle, percussion

Choir Of The Municipal Literargymnasium Bern-Neufeld
Adolf Burkhardt, choir conductor
Featuring a choir of 100 singers

A1. Circle I     7:50
A2. Circle II   12:29
B1. Circle III   7:33
B2. Circle IV   12:47

Recorded 1974, Phonag Tonstudio, Lindau, Germany.

Hallelujah X 636  (vinyl rip)

François Rabbath - Dialogues & Mediations

Moshé-Naïm, 17008
CD, France, 2001

1 - Evasion     17:52
2 - Imagination     4:55
3 - Obsession     5:50
4 - Emotion     5:29
5 - Reflexion     3:24
6 - Inspiration     16:00

Tracks 1 to 5: 
Francois Rabbath on Contrabass and Saz (with overdubs)
recorded in Paris, 1990

Trak 6: 
Francois Rabbath - Contrabass
Hariprasad Chaurasia - Indian Flute
S. Khan - Tablas
recorded at a June 1987 concert “Les Rencontres de Paris,”  Espace Cardin.

there are not place and date of recording on the CD cover, I take for good what says destination out

9 March 2018

Łoskot - Koncert W Mózgu 1995

The jazz of Eastern countries is not very represented here, so I decided to start a trip to the east that will take us to ...
Our first step takes us to Poland to rediscover the Yass scene which lasted almost a decade and which was very interesting but surprisingly remained almost completely unknown outside Polish borders.
If you want to know more about this scene:
In fact, most of the records in this scene are hard to find today.
Let's start with one of the iconic bands of this scene: Łoskot and their debut album. The only two times I've seen this disc including the time I bought it, it was a promo copy without cover and obviously distributed with a jazz magazine, yet discogs announces a commercially distributed disc but that I've never seen.

Łoskot Koncert W Mózgu

-Szymon Rogliński: didgeridoo
-Olo Walicki: double bass
-Jacek Olter: drums
-Jacek Majewski: percussions
-Mikołaj Trzaska: saxophone

Jacek Olter and Mikołaj Trzaska where also members of Miłość a band that will be featured here in a near future. Jacek Olter died in 2001 but Mikołaj Trzaska is now an important musician of the European free jazz scene.
Last but not least Łoskot reunited in summer 2017, obviously any new recording is on the way but who knows…?

1/ Your Lady, 2/ Radość Uzdrowienia, 3/ Sfinx, 4/ Chłopaki Na Damkach, 5/ Peace On Earth

All compositions by Mikołaj Trzaska except « Your Lady » and "Peace On Earth " by John Coltrane.

Recorded and published in 1995
cd rip

4 March 2018

Wadada Leo Smith Golden Quartet - Live In Paris October 19, 2015

This concert was the third part of a long evening celebration of the 50th A.A.C.M anniversary.
The first band was under the direction of Henry Threadgill, the second was a powerful duo Roscoe Mitchell/Mike Reed and this last performance was the ultimate version of the golden quartet. This last performance was simply amazing.

-Wadada Leo Smith Trumpet
-Anthony Davis piano & el piano
-John Lindberg bass
-Mike Reed drums

Suite AACM 50th anniversary 48:24

Recorded on October 19, 2015 at le théâtre du Chatelet Paris

Wadada Leo Smith official web site where you can find informations on events, discography and store:

25 February 2018


 Here's a new edition of R+UR
I would like to point the headlights on two new LPs which were released these days.
The first is a reissue from David Toop's Quartz Publications. Originally issued in 1980 and brought back by the Australian label Black Truffle. http://www.blacktrufflerecords.com/
(We've posted it here some time ago but I've deleted the links some month ago when I got news about this welcome re-edition)

 The second LP contains previously unreleased music from Toop and his long-time partner Paul Burwell. Here the Belgian label Sub Rosa along with Logos Foundation is in charge.
Take a look > Sub Rosa

The third release I would like to alert you is due in March on Dave Holland's label Dare2 Records.

It will be a CD with Holland himself along Evan Parker, Craig Taborn and Ches Smith.
Exciting news for me.
Got the info from here.

And last but not least there's a scheduled CD on Relative Pitch Records.
No definite date yet but I'm looking forward to this recording especially for it includes one of my favourite drummer/musician: Tony Oxley. IMO he's certainly underrepresented on LP/CD/MC.

Arthur Jarvinen – glockenspiel, chromatic harmonica, analogue electronics
Sylvie Courvoisier – piano, prepared piano
Tony Oxley – percussion
Pat Thomas – cassette player, electronics, electric keyboard
Miroslav Tadic´ – guitars
Walter Quintus – real time processing, conducting
Bill Laswell – bass, field recordings, electronics
Mark Nauseef – percussion, electronics

To add to Ernst's post - there are two Sabu Toyozumi CD releases

Mui Shizen, recordings from John's 2013 Japan tour with Sabu, on Vivid Sound Corporation.


As If Once More, recorded live with Claudia Cervenca at Schnittpunkte der Musik - Limmitationes Festival, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal, Austria, in 2015, available direct from Klopotec

23 February 2018

Alexander von Schlippenbach Quartet :: High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA July 16, 1998

Published 7. 8. 2014

Alexander von Schlippenbach Quartet (Alex von Schlippenbach: piano, Evan Parker: saxophones, Reggie Workman: bass, Paul Lytton: drums) Recorded live at the Hill Auditorium at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA July 16, 1998. This concert was presented by The National Black Arts Festival as part of the (Re)soundings series, and was curated by Dwight Andrews and Brad Kendrick. Quite sure there were others involved at a high level, but it's been too long for me to remember.

~~pasted from YT

Pharoah Sanders - Pharoah - India Navigation 1976

the recent update of Muñoz's post reminded me of a Pharoah Sanders record that I had forgotten but that the speculators of the second-hand market obviously know very well.

1. Harvest Time, 2. Love Will Find A Way, 3. Memories of Edith Johnson

-Steve Neil: Bass
-Greg Bandy: Drums on track 2 & 3
-Tisziji Muñoz: guitar
-Jiggs Chase: Organ on track 2 & 3
-Lawrence Killian: Percussions
-Pharoah Sanders: Tenor Sax, Percussions, Vocal
-Bedria Sanders: Harmonium

Recorded on August & September 1976

cd rip from the US edition India Navigation IN 1027 - 1996
Four different editions exist on lp and one more on cd published in Japan by Bomba Records.

19 February 2018

Don Cherry Multikulti Live 1990 + The New York Contemporary Five Live 1963

Don Cherry Multi Kulti 

01. Medley
02. Until The Rain Comes

-Don Cherry: pocket trumpet, flute, melodica, doussn'goni, piano, Yamaha DX-7
-Peter Apfelbaum: piano, flute, sax, percussion
-Bo Freeman: bass
-Hamid Drake: drums, tabla, percussion

recorded live in Crowley - England, on September 2, 1990

The New York Contemporary Five

01. Emotions
02. Monk’s Mood
03. Consequences

-Archie Shepp: Tenor Sax
-Don Cherry: Cornet
-John Tchicai: Alto Sax
-Don Moore: Bass
-J.C. Moses: Drums

October 27, 1963
Copenhagen, Denmark Radiohusets Konsertsal

This radio broadcast is part of the tour during wich the two volumes published on Sonet have also been recorded.

15 February 2018


Jon Hassell, trumpet, fender rhodes (1, 3)
Naná Vasconcelos, congas (1, 5, 6), shakers (1, 3), bells (2), talking drum (2)
William Winant, kanjira and rattles (3)
Miguel Frasconi, bells and claves (3)
Nicolas Kilbourn, mbira and talking drum (3)
David Rosenboom, mbira (2), rattles (3), tabla & dumbek (5)

Andy Jerison, [Arp Synthesizer Alteration] (3)
David Rosenboom, [Buchla Synthesizer Alteration] (1, 3)
Larry Polansky, [Special Rhodes Tuning] (1, 3)

Additional sounds:
Ocean (1)
Tropical birds (2)
Drone: Serge synthesizer (4, 5)
Drone: Motorola scalatron (256Hz pitch standard) (5)
Night creatures of Altamira, Distant barking by Perrasita (6)

Fender Rhodes is specially tuned and altered by Buchla and Arp Synthesizers

1. Toucan Ocean (3:53)
2. Viva Shona     (7:08)
3. Hex     (6:29)
4. Blues Nile     (9:59)
5. Vernal Equinox (22:03)
6. Caracas Night September 11, 1975  (2:14)

Recorded at the York University Electronic Media Studios (Toronto, Ontario), October/November 1976.
Mixdown and additional recording: Mastertone Recording Studios (New York), September/October 1977.

Lovely Music LCD 1021 (1990)

Originally released on LP in 1977 (Lovely Music LML 1021)

14 February 2018

A painter named Marion Brown

One of the most subtle saxophonists of his generation, Marion Brown was also a painter, but that is less well known. There is almost no information on this subject or even representation of his paintings. Recently for a radio program devoted to jazz and visual art, I met the lucky owner of a painting by Marion Brown, here is the reproduction.

12 February 2018


Paul Dunmall  - tenor saxophone
Tony Bianco - drums

1. Bread and Wine  61:44

Recorded at The Steam Rooms, Poplar, London.  28 March 2002
by Jon Wilkinson
Painting by Paul Dunmall

9 February 2018

Paul Bley With Masahiko Togashi - Echo - 1999

It’s a logical meeting, the meeting between two masters of contemplation.

01. Offhand
02. Noteworthy
03. Highstrung
04. Mispoke
05. Construct
06. Symmetry
07. Light
08. Primitivo
09. Osmosis
10. Indolence
11. Spirits
12. Desolet
13. Makeover
14. Exposures
15. Background
16. Snaps

Masahiko Togashi: Percussions
Paul Bley: Piano 

Recorded June 10 & 11, 1999 at "Minato-Mirai Hall", Yokohama, Japan

Sme Records sacd SRGS 4526

Masahiko Sato & Yosuke Yamashita - Piano Duo 1973

Piano Duo Part 1& 2

Masahiko Sato: Piano Right Channel
Yosuke Yamashita: Piano Left Channel

Recorded live at Asahi Seimei Hall, Tokyo on  December 25, 1973

Super Fuji Discs cd fjsp36
Originally released in 1974 by Nippon Columbia lp YP-7033-N

8 February 2018


Johnny Dyani, bass, stones
Frode Gjerstad, tenor saxophone
John Stevens, drums

On side C + D only:
Bobby Bradford, cornet
Harry Beckett, trumpet (Tracks 1 + 4)
Courtney Pine, tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet (Tracks 1 + 4)

Sides 1/2
1. Ness - part one 27:33
2. Ness - part two 24:21

Sides 3/4
1. ED 15:39
2. Post Rambling 08:59
3. Preambling 06:06
4. Harmo'nica 15:20

LP 1:
Recorded at the Hennie-Onstad Art Centre, Oslo on 2 March 1986.
LP 2:
Recorded at the Mannod Studio/Community Music, London on 1 July 1986.

IMPETUS IMP 28509  (vinyl rip)

6 February 2018


Abdelhaï Bennani, tenor saxophone
Alan Silva, double bass, orchestral synthesizer
Edward Perraud, drums, percussion

1. Going On / Coming Truth     41:04
2. Funds                     08:03

Recorde live at "Espace Kiron", Paris, on January 25, 2009.

Artist´s promotion demo 2014.

JaZt Tapes CD-046

4 February 2018


PAUL DUNMALL - soprano saxophone
PHILIP GIBBS - guitars
TONY LEVIN - drums

1. Thankyou Dorothy   39:36

Recorded at Victoria Rooms, Bristol. 13th June 2005
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Jonathan Scott.

That's the lot.


PAUL DUNMALL - soprano saxophone, Northumbrian bagpipes
PAUL ROGERS - 7 string A.L.L. bass
PHILIP GIBBS - guitars

1. Bunting for Hugs   9:54
2. Egg, Chips and Beings   11:51
3. I Think Therefore I Don't Know   12:00
4. Coco the Clown   15:33
5. Thripps   2:03

Recorded at Victoria Roooms, Bistol.  18th May 2004
Engineered, mixed, mastered by Jonathan Scott